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Acid core solder - A highly active inorganic acid type of flux (zinc chloride free) for general purpose soldering applications where a flux cored solder wire is desirable. Rapid soldering can be accomplished on all common metals except aluminum and manganese. Acid core solder is particularly useful for soldering excessively oxidized metals.
Please be advised that acid core solder is NOT recommended for electrical or electronic soldering applications due to the corrosive nature of the residue.
Acid core is available in many alloys. The following are some of the most commonly specified:

40% Tin / 60% Lead
50% Tin / 50% Lead
General Purpose. For non-electrical applications such as galvanized gutters, sheet metal, and radiator repair.
96% Tin / 4% Silver
High strength, non-tarnishing. Blends with stainless steel.

Flux residue is hygroscopic and corrosive. The work should be allowed to cool undisturbed until the solder solidifies. The flux residue is then removed with a hot water rinse. For more thorough cleaning requirements, rinse with a 2-10% solution of neutralizer followed by a hot water rinse.

Rosin Core Solder - Our rosin core solders exceed all military, government, and J-STD-006 specifications for electronic and industrial soldering. These solders are available in tin/lead and lead free alloys, and are manufactured with non-activated and activated rosin fluxes that are non-corrosive, non-hygroscopic and fungus resistant.

Solu-Core Water Washable Core Solder - Solu-Core is a halogen-free organic flux core solder. It is formulated for use where a halide containing flux is too corrosive. This organic core solder provides faster and better fluxing than activated rosin in typical hand soldering. This high mobility results in increased productivity. After soldering, the residues can be removed with hot water (50°C and higher). No soap or detergent is required.

Clean-Core Low Residue (No-Clean-Core) Solder - Clean-Core solder alloys contain a low-residue, high purity synthetic resin with a very effective non-halogen activating system. After soldering, the flux residues remain clear, non-conductive, non-corrosive and non-hygroscopic. Clean-Core was developed for use on electronic assemblies where post solder cleaning is not required, or where removal of the residues with hazardous chemicals is not feasible. The clear residue should be left on the board. Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.
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